Thank you for your interest in serving on the NLC Board of Directors!

Serving on the NLC Board is one of the most rewarding ways for you as a municipal leader to bring your expertise to the service of cities and towns at the national level. This guide tells you what the job entails and how to apply. The application deadline has now passed – thank you for your interest.  

If you have questions or need assistance please feel free to contact Carla Smith at 202-626-3179 or

Who can serve on the NLC Board of Directors?

To be eligible to serve on the NLC Board you must be a local elected official from a city that is a member of its state municipal league or NLC, or a chief executive officer of a state municipal league. If you are an elected official you must remain in office throughout your term on the board. You may apply to serve on the board even if you will have to run for reelection during your term.

What are the positions on the NLC Board?

The board of consists of the NLC president, first vice president, second vice president, the chief executive officers from eight state municipal leagues, forty at-large members, all past presidents still in elective office, and the chairs of the seven NLC policy and advocacy committees. Among the vice president and president positions, only the position of second vice president is normally contested; other NLC officers usually rotate upward from second vice president to first vice president, and then to president.

How long are the terms of office?

All Board members serve a two-year term and may run for reelection for a second two-year term. The maximum lifetime service is four years. The terms do not have to be consecutive.

The two-year term of office for all newly elected 2016 Officers and Board members begins immediately upon adjournment of the Annual Business Meeting on Saturday, November 7, during the NLC Congress of Cities in Nashville, Tennessee.

The NLC president, first vice president and second vice president each holds office for a one-year term. Traditionally these officers rotate upward from one position to the next every year.

The NLC Executive Committee of the Board

The Executive Committee is composed of the following members of the Board: the president, the first vice president, the second vice president, the two (2) most immediate past presidents still in elective office in a city, two (2) chief executive officers of member leagues recommended by the president and approved by the board, and up to three (3) members of the board recommended by the president and approved by the board. The National League of Cities’ executive director also serves on the committee in an ex officio capacity.

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