The NLC Board of Directors focuses on three broad roles: 1) fiduciary oversight; 2) strategic planning and thinking; and 3) implementation of policies and activities to support and advance the NLC mission and aspirations.

The items listed below provide a snapshot of ongoing roles and responsibilities of the NLC Board of Directors collectively and of individual Board members during a typical governance year. Specific roles and activities at Board meetings will vary depending upon the leadership priorities and the specific issues that emerge during the year.

  • Provides overall direction for the organization based on the leadership priorities;
  • Enhances NLC’s stature and visibility through contacts, connections and outreach to local, regional and, where appropriate, national media;
  • Shapes, refines and updates the annual advocacy and lobbying strategy;
  • Advocates for NLC federal priorities and provides leadership and direction in his/her city and state on those priorities;
  • Adopts amendments to National Municipal Policy and policy resolutions, on occasion, when the membership is not assembled;
  • Participates in the national policy development process by serving as liaisons to policy and advocacy committees, serving on the Resolutions Committee and adopting the agenda for the Annual Business Meeting;
  • Supports, guides and actively participates in major leadership campaigns and events;
  • Ensures membership stability and growth by encouraging cities in his/her state to join NLC and to stay involved in NLC;
  • Approves the annual operating budget and monitors financial progress;
  • Ensures connections between the Board and NLC standing committees and task forces by serving as Board liaison to committees and councils;
  • Ensures connections with the members through participation in state municipal league and NLC programs and activities – serving as organizational emissaries;
  • Approve Congress of Cities sites;
  • Provides guidance and direction on organizational governance matters;
  • Carries out “corporate business” as the National League of Cities Institute (NLCI) Board; and
  • Represents NLC.

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