NLC’s Steering Committees play an important role not only in advocating on federal policy issues important to cities and towns across America but also in taking the lead in shaping NLC’s federal policy positions, which serve as the foundation for NLC’s advocacy.

Working in partnership with 49 state municipal leagues and NLC’s seven Federal Advocacy Committees, the Center for Federal Advocacy serves as both a resource and an advocate for the more than 19,000 cities, towns, and villages the organization represents. Advocacy efforts focus on advancing NLC’s annual legislative agenda, monitoring regulatory action, and championing legal issues of national importance to local governments.

NLC’s National Municipal Policy and Resolutions

The National Municipal Policy is a compilation of federal policy positions adopted by the full NLC membership. These positions focus on federal actions, programs, and legislation that directly impact municipalities and guide all of NLC’s federal advocacy efforts.

The policy development process is dynamic and inclusive, whereby NLC Federal Advocacy Committees identify emerging topics of immediate and long-term consequence to the nation’s cities and towns and develop policy positions and advocacy strategies. At a set time during the year, NLC’s broader membership also has an opportunity to submit amendments to the policy and propose resolutions, which address timely issues or specific pieces of legislation. Submissions are then forwarded to the appropriate Federal Advocacy Committee of jurisdiction for review and consideration; from there, they are adopted by the full membership at the Annual Business Meeting at the NLC Congress of Cities.

Once adopted, the policy remains in effect until it is amended by the NLC membership.  Resolutions sunset after one year unless action is taken to renew them for another year or incorporate them into policy.

NLC Federal Advocacy Committees

NLC’s Federal Advocacy Committee members include local elected officials and city staff from NLC member cities and towns across the country who are committed to discussing and influencing federal policy that has a direct and profound impact on local government operations.

Together with NLC’s leadership and the Federal Advocacy team, the Committees play a key role in all NLC advocacy efforts.

Under the leadership of a Chair and one-two Vice Chairs, each of the Committees meets at least three times a year to craft policy positions and advocate on NLC priorities.

In 2016, the Committees will meet at the:

  • Congressional City Conference, Washington DC, March 5-9, 2016
  • Summer Policy Forum, Kansas City, KC, June 27-29, 2016 (tentative dates)
  • Congress of Cities, Pittsburgh, PA, November 16-19, 2016

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