If I want to apply, what is the process?

The process is summarized below. Full details, including a preview of the full application, can be found in the 2016 NLC Officer and Board of Directors Candidate Information document.

  1. Speak with your state municipal league director. All candidates must indicate on their Candidate Data Form whether they have obtained—or expect to obtain—their league’s endorsement. (The state municipal league endorsement is strongly encouraged, but a written endorsement letter is not required.)
  2. You may choose to request letters of endorsement from people in your community, region, or state. These endorsements are completely optional.
  3. Submit your Candidate Data Form electronically by October 14, 2015. If you have obtained letters of endorsement, you may upload them as one file with your form.
  4. Make a presentation at the Nominating Committee’s Public Hearing on Thursday, November 5, at 4:00 p.m. in Nashville, TN, at the NLC Congress of Cities conference.
  5. If you are applying to serve as second vice president, participate in a closed-door interview process with the Nominating Committee on Friday morning, November 6.
  6. Check the NLC conference app or go to the conference headquarters late afternoon on Friday, November 6, to see the slate of officer and board candidates recommended by the Nominating Committee.
  7. Attend the Annual Business Meeting on Saturday, November 7, during which the officer and board elections will take place.
  8. If you are elected, attend a short but important board convening immediately after the Annual Business Meeting.

Will I need campaign materials?

While elaborate campaigns are discouraged, you may distribute materials such as flyers, brochures, or buttons at the Congress of Cities.

Who serves on the Nominating Committee?

Each year, the NLC president appoints the Nominating Committee, which is comprised of not less than six and not more than fourteen members, plus the NLC Immediate Past President who serves as the committee chair. The 2015 Nominating Committee member list is now available.

Nominating Committee Gifts

Gifts, including token gifts, for the members of the Nominating Committee are not allowed.


Click here to learn about the required meeting for candidates on November 5.